I cannot express the extent of my distaste for wonder-bread-type sandwich bread, the over processed, perfectly shaped, thin, cardboard-like bread. So, I’ve always spent a bit more on the good bread, with grains and oats. Even that bread is over processed and I have no control as to what additives, flavors, and whatnot are involved. So, I got the idea into my head that I should start baking my own bread. We gathered the supplies this weekend (which included my first trip to Whole Foods, that’ll get its own entry one of these days).

The first recipe I used was one on the flour sack (King Arthur wheat flour). It called for instant yeast but I had active dry yeast, so I made the proper conversion. Then, I overlooked the water called for in the recipe. The result was an extremely dense bread. It was a fine accompaniment to the stew we had that night for dinner, but not much else.

Yesterday, I gave it another try with a different basic recipe (which I left on my boyfriend’s fridge, pics and recipe to follow next week, promise!). It was D-Lish-Us! It was perfectly formed, moist, and sweet. Just perfect. In the past, I think I’ve had problems with kneading. One issue is that I try to work too much flour in, I think. That’s something I didn’t do this time. The recipe called for 2 cups wheat flour and 5 cups white, but I think I ended up about 2 cups short. I really ‘listened’ to the dough this time.

In the future, I’m hoping to move on to rye bread, maybe some sourdough when I have access to the kitchen more often.