After fighting with my design for too long, I decided to make a simpler tote and keep the design for another project.

I added a little bit of embellishment with my mad new embroidery skillz. I might add more.

And it’s reversible. I think I like the plaid side better.

My two annoyances with this project were that I can’t seem to sew a straight seam these days and even though I tried to be very careful when making the pattern, I still ended up with some bunching because my lining was a little larger than the outside fabric.

Now I’ve got about a yard and a half left of that baby blue corduroy and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not a color I think I would wear and it doesn’t go with my decor. It might end up being another bag, I suppose. (Hmm… maybe it would make a good grocery bag…)