I love a good interview, so when SJ over at KnitWit offered, I signed up. If you would like me to interview you as well, reply here.

1) What was the first thing you ever knit? Tell us about it — what
was it made of? Did you use it? How did you start?

As a child, I learned many crafts from my aunt and grandmum. Knitting was certainly taught to me at some point, though I don’t recall when or what I made. I became a Knitter six or seven years ago. My first official project then was the mandatory scarf. It was some sort of acrylic multi-colored yarn and I knit it way too long, so it ended up being gifted to a friend. The yarn was actually pretty soft. I still have a ball of it in my stash, I think.

2) If someone gave you a lot of money to go on yarn shopping spree,
what would you treat yourself to and what would you use it for?

There are some luxurious finger weight wools from a local farm at my LYS. I would love a sweater made with it. Also, I’m in love with Lorna’s Laces Sheppard Sock yarn, which is a bit of a splurge for me, being a poor college student and all.

3) What knitting project is your “someday” project? (By this I mean
what project would you love to do one day that would really challenge
you and make you feel truly accomplished as a knitter?)

I would really like to figure out fair-isle and make a pretty little cardigan, like the ‘easy’ one from SnB. Also, I want to knit my own hose. I’ve been searching up and down for a pair of women’s cable hose to wear during the winter and haven’t found anything that I like.

4) What is one of your life’s ambitions (in addition to completing the
knitting project mentioned in #2)?

To enjoy life, be happy, and surround myself with intelligent, loving friends. (Of course, if I ever get to finally call myself a ‘mathematician’, I won’t be complaining.)

5) Which person or people, living or dead, do you most admire, and why?

I admire a lot of people, for various reasons; brains, beauty, humor, etc. I’ve never asked myself who tops the list. So, I had to mull over this question for a while (hence the lengthy time it took for me to finish this interview). (Please pardon the mushiness.)

I most admire my Da. He’s an incredible guy who is sort of living the American Dream, whatever that is. He had quite humble beginnings, never even graduated High School, but he has more intuition about math than most people I know. He taught me to enjoy learning, believe in myself, and that it’s okay to fall, but to pick myself up again. He also taught me to be a geek, introduced me to Nirvana, and enjoy nature and history documentaries when everybody else just rolls their eyes and switches the channel. Yeah, he’s an admirable guy, my Da.