Post Alley, across from Pike Place Market

One of the things that I absolutely love about Seattle are the outdoor/farmer’s markets, especially Pike Place Market. It can be a bit touristy, but it’s absolutely worth navigating the crowds. The Saturday before last, we went down there in search of the spice store, World Spice Merchants. The store is actually below the market on Western Ave, but my mind seemed to misplace that fact. After searching through the market and finally consulting a directory for the first store with a reference to ‘spices’, we ended up at Market Spice. I’ve been there before, in fact it’s where I usually buy my looseleaf tea, though I’ve never tried their spices. (By the way, they have a wonderfully helpful staff. I’m sure they were amused by my novice spice buying and whatnot.) It worked out in the end, we went home with five lovely spices that do not often frequent our cupboard.

Oh, they smell divine. From bottom left, clockwise: turmeric, harissa, chipotle, hot paprika, zaatar

Sunday, we had salmon rubbed with harissa and oil and baked on asparagus spears, onions, and a colorful array of bell peppers, all from the market. My boyfriend was happy with the results, but I thought the harissa was a little too strong for the salmon. I’ve used the paprika on potatoes and I plan on making a goulash sometime soon. For the rest, I don’t really have any plans and my google-foo is turning up, well, foo. I’ve still got mostly an ounce of each spice, so much experimenting will be done over the next few months.