where “TBIS”= “Too Bad It’s Sunday”

It was just one of those weekends. The sort where nothing goes as planned, but so much better. In [not so] short; Redmond Market is great. It’s only the second weekend, but I know I’ll miss our Saturday bike rides down to pick up fresh flowers, produce, and hazelnuts when the season is over. This particular bike ride included a stop at PetCo in hopes that it would be adoption day. It wasn’t, but the mice, guinea pigs, anoles, and finches were almost as enjoyable. Heck, there were even a few cute snakes. (Unfortunately, having grown up with two older brothers who loved to catch snakes and loved even more to throw them at their nerdy little sister, I couldn’t possibly own one. I won’t go on about spiders, but I think you can infer how I feel about those nowadays.) However, the puppies are always out in droves at the market and I did have the chance to get acquainted with a certain dual-color eyed Boston pup.

This is not a post about pets, I swear. That was just the prelude to our weekend. We also had dinner with our friends at a cafe on Lake Washington. Good food. Good friends. Good Guinness (isn’t that an oxymoron?). Oh, and of course, good birthday gift from the girl who knows how to make me squee, my very best friend, Kellushka:

le Creuset, my newest favorite thing in the kitchen.

Of course, I think she got the idea when we were shopping at William’s Sonoma last weekend and she had to tear me away from the le Creuset display. I’ve wanted one forever and now I have it. (What I really want is the french oven and I’d be quite satisfied to have the highly rated, highly affordable Target version, if only they could keep them in stock.) Tomorrow, my new dish will be devirginized by a chicken alfredo recipe I’ve had hanging around for a while.

Ah, I suppose it’s not so bad to be Sunday. We did schlep to Costco and upon seeing a couple of punks (mohawk and pink hair and all), I felt much less yuppie to be buying enough toilet paper to last another 26 years. Best of all, it being Sunday means that tomorrow is Monday, which means that I have a job interview at a local coffee house that I have been dying to work at. It’s the last thing I expected to do with my edumacation, but I think it will be interesting enough until I take the next step.