When my 9th grade sewing teacher used me to illustrate how to properly mark bust darts, I thought I’d never forget. However, it’s been years since I’ve attempted them and now all I can remember is the embarrassment of being groped by a 70 year old woman in front of the entire class. I’ve been wrestling with the bodice of my dress since yesterday and I think, *Think*, that I may finally have tamed it. I’m having a hard time not rushing through it, because what I’m most excited about is getting the hoop on and adding some embroidery.

And, because I’m trying to include pics for your visual enjoyment, here is a little scene I was embroidering in hopes of making it my logo:

I hadn’t finished the embroidery, but wanted to see how well it would photograph, which is a good thing because this is the best pic and I’m not at all fond of it. If I ever get around to making a light box, then I may finish the scene. Otherwise, the project has pretty much lost my interest for now.

This morning, I was awake at 5am for no good reason. The sun was beginning to peak through the window and those darned early birds were already singing*. My first thought was to go on a bike ride, which is weird enough in itself (though if I make a habit of waking up that early, I just may do it next time). I wondered into the living room and drank my coffee over a good book. All was quiet and peaceful, as that hour tends to be. The sun was shining and a cool breeze was running through the apartment, carrying with it the green smell of spring. It promised another beautiful sunny day like the ones we had earlier this week. Now it’s cloudy and cool. Just another example of nature’s moodiness.

* We have the twitter of birds here from dawn to dusk, sometimes after dusk, sometimes at 1am. As a child, I lived in a house in the country, off the postal route and down a half mile long gravel driveway, and yet I’ve never heard anything like this.