Last night I finished construction on my dress. Here’s a not so great pic:

Green Dress

The fabric is muslin that I dyed myself using good ol’ Rit. It was supposed to be a dark teal, but turned out more greenish as a result of my dyeing ‘tea stained’ muslin instead of the bleached sort. (The bleached muslin from the same dye bath turned out bright bluebird blue.) I’m tempted to re-dye it a darker blue and if I don’t decide on the embroidery soon, I may do that. I love muslin, it’s light and perfect for a summer dress, not to mention extremely cheap and great for dying. However, for the life of me, I cannot iron the thing out! I’ve tried steam and heavy spray starch and everything I can think of, but nothing has helped.

The only real change I made to the pattern was to pleat the skirt instead of gathering it. Gathering just doesn’t work well with my body. I would like to make a petticoat from the white muslin, but I need to stock up on muslin first.

Next is the exciting part of figuring out what and where to embroider.