That’s the sound of my craft work screeching to a halt. I’ve broken my wrist. Here’s the story, copied from my personal blog, because I’m typing with one hand and not going to retype it:

Today [Thursday] was a great day to get outside, so I decided to ride my bike to the library. On the way, I had a pretty bad spill resulting in a broken wrist and lots of road rash.

There I lay, face down on the sidewalk, and a pedestrian, who had seen the entire accident, stepped right over my head and kept walking, without skipping a beat. I couldn’t believe it. Just as I was wondering what sort of heartless jerk could do that, I noticed that two cars had seen me and pulled over to help as well as a few neighbors. I sat there in shock and pain, while these incredibly kind people took care of me, calling an ambulance, arranging to store my bike, calling my boyfriend, and most importantly, convincing me that I did need to see a doctor. (I’d thought it was just a sprained wrist and wanted to hop on my bike and go home.) I am still in awe at the kindness they showed me.

The Jerk (or possibly some other jerk, but i’d rather go on thinking there was just the one) later came walking back and stepped on my glasses (which could mean the end of my reds). I get So Angry thinking about it, but then I remember the wonderful people who stopped and were genuinely concerned about my welfare and safety. That is heart warming.

I apologize if this isn’t the best composed post. I’m typing with one hand and hopped up on percoset (?), nodding off between sentences.

Later, one if the nice people, the one who had called my boyfriend, ans so had the phone number, even called back to check up on me. These are the sort of people that you really want to have as neighbors.

My arm is in a partial cast for now. Later today, I’m supposed to meet with a hand surgeon, who will decide how to proceed. For now, most crafts are out, although I am embroidering my sling, because thats all I can do.

Oh, let me just say hiw glad I am to be a crafter. I would die without a crchet hook to scratch mr arm.