Well, I just came from an appointment with the wrist surgeon. I’ll be going in on Thursday to have a metal plate screwed into my arm. He says that I’ll never quite regain all of the movement in my wrist, but that I should be back crafting in about two months. Oh, joy.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to browsing through Michaels. (I’ve only just realized that they’d opened a few stores in my area.) I found an adorable sewing box that was marked down to just $2.50! It included a few spools of thread and some other notions, including a wonderfully sharp pair of embroidery snips. I didn’t find any fabric ink, which was disappointing as I’m itching to try this inexpensive and easy screen printing technique.

Later, we went to Half Price Books, where I came across The Encyclopedia of Stitches, a wonderful book about embroidery. Embroidery is the only craft that I can do singlehandedly. Of course, I can’t do all of the stitches, and its slow going, because I have to stab, turn the work over, stab, turn back to the front, repeat. I can’t use the sewing method, because I use my left hand to guide the needle. The book is full of stitches and samplers and I’ve fallen in love with the blackwork sampler. So, I’m now working on some of those stitches. Oh, I also really like the holbein stitch, aka the double running stitch. It just may replace the back stitch as my favorite. I’m especially enjoying analyzing these complex blackwork charts to determine the best path to stitch so that my stitches are perfect on both sides of the work. It’s math, believe it or not.

Sorry, still no pics. I’m hoping to pull the camera out tomorrow though.