I’m still doing well here, albeit a bit bored and unsure of what to do with myself. I’ve been drifting here and there, around the house, moping because its a nice day and I can’t ride my bike. I want to sew so bad, especially since I’ve been reading the May Skirt Sew-a-long. I’m just itching to make a skirt. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening by the end of the month.

Instead, I’ve been stashing inspiration:

  • Knitting aside has a nifty method for winding a pull skein. I really like this method, because instead of wrapping the skein around your thumb, you wrap it around two pencils or knitting needles.
  • Given my new love of Blackwork, I have been enjoying browsing through the Blackwork Embroidery Archives. In particular, they have an informative article about the double running stitch and working more complex patterns.
  • Primrose Designs is also a great resource for embroidery in the form of Janet’s Embroidery Primer.
  • The next time I get home, I’m definitely going to plan it around Crafty Wonderland’s Craft Extravaganza. The next event is June 10th, but I already have plans to go o a booksale that day, so we’ll have to go in July.
  • Because I am a nerd, I do have to leave this Friday post on a science-y note, Lab Cat has written some interesting posts about food science and food chemistry.

And here’s a pic from my archives to tide you over:

BW Valley