Today, my copy of Sublime Stitching came in at the library, so I schlepped over there to pick it up. This is exactly the sort of endeavor that makes me really miss my bike. It is just barely too far to make a good walk, but perfect for a bike ride. (In fact, that was where I was headed when my accident happened…) But I’ve been waiting for a long time to get my hands on a copy of Sublime Stitching and I could not bear to wait one more day, so I went for it.

I did get my book and about ten pounds to accompany it (books, magazines, and a dvd). Tsk, tsk. Let’s just say my back is not happy with me now.

On the way home, I found myself in the neighborhood of a Ben Franklin Crafts store. I have not been to BF since I was ten. Back then, I was not very impressed. I’ve always thought of it as the B-list of craft stores. So when I first noticed this location several months ago, I was not over-eager to go. Today, I decided that I may as well stop in and see if they happen to stock fabric ink. (They don’t.) WOW! I was so wrong. It was maybe the best craft store I’ve seen in a long time, even topping Michael’s, due in large part to the fabric section. I was just very impressed.

And now to the point of the post, they had Amy Butler fabrics! even though I’m a skint student, I couldn’t go home without a fat quarter, so here’s what I got:

My first Amy Butler!

Apologies for the bad pic, the lighting sucks, but isn’t that gorgeous fabric! I was obviously influenced by that luscious satin ribbon from my stash when I chose this print. Originally I was thinking I would make an apron, but it could become a clutch purse instead. I haven’t yet decided.