Tuesday, my doctor removed Big Stinky Splint in favor of a smaller removable one. Yay! He also gave me the go ahead to start working with my left hand again (even though I had sort of already begun doing that). So now I’m typing with both hands again (oh for the love of speedy typing) and trying to crochet a bit.

Every body has been talking about Crafty Daisies’ Learn to Crochet series. It is a great opportunity to start crocheting if you don’t already know how, and if you do, to take it up again. So, I picked up the needle and crocheted this little granny square that was linked to through their lesson last week:

Wheel in Valleys Granny Square
I added a little loop so that I can use this as a pot holder. (The loop was added in the last row in lieu of a corner stitch.)

For some reason, I have the urge to collect granny squares. Maybe I’ll make a throw at some point, even though I’ve never been particularly attracted to that sort of blanket. Hmm, it could always be gifted, I suppose.