I’ve been holding on to this post just so it could be a thrifty Thursday, and finally it’s here.

Fabric Finds

I have caved in and decided to start repurposing linens. The thought of making a dress out of some stranger’s sheet used to sound a bit weird and gross to me, but Value Village was having half off linens and there were such wonderful colors and perfectly light fabric for summer dresses that I couldn’t resist. The right most fabric, a beautiful sheet, will become a dress or a skirt and shirt set, I haven’t decided yet. Next to it, the pink floral pillowcase will become the lining for a market bag I have in mind. Above is another pillow case with a Huge Flower (18″x23″!). I’m not sure what to do with that, perhaps it will become a purse or tote bad.

The white linens, I must admit, were not thrifts at all, but they are indeed wonderful finds. I found them deep in the linen closet. They hail from Russia. The sheet still had the tag, written in Russian, although I couldn’t read it. Neither Boy nor I could make out with the monogram is supposed to be. (He speaks fluent Russian, having spent half his life there. I’m certainly not fluent, but I know my share. Sometimes the stylized letters are just difficult to make out.) My guess is that it is a ‘G’, or the Russian equivalent anyways (‘Г’, not sure if that letter is readable for you), but it doesn’t really look like it at all. The pillowcases are large and square with embroidery in each corner. They are all could use a good washing with bleach, but I must find a way to get these out of the cupboard.

Linens from Russia


Last weekend was Half Price Books’ warehouse sale. Books for $1 or less! It wasn’t actually as great as the friends of the library sale a few months ago. It was good though. I came home with seven lovelies:

Half Price Books Warehouse sale

Titles include:

  • Creative Ribbon Embroidery Salli Van Rensburg
  • Creative Folk Art Sue Iliov
  • Basic Photography, a text book pre-digital, but certainly with a thing or two to teach me
  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 1, but I already own this in hardback. I mistakenly thought it was volume 2, oy.
  • Angela’s Ashes Frank McCourt
  • Running With Scissors Augusten Burroughs
  • CRAVE Seattle, I’ve flipped through this many times before, lot’s of useful information

In addition to these great finds, I currently have no fewer than twenty titles checked out from the library! Ack. I have a really difficult time walking away from books. In my defense, a lot of the library books are quick reads and inspiration. Also, I was being rushed during the last trip and didn’t have time to ‘edit’ my selection of books.

Well, that about sums it up. Be sure to visit the Thrifty Thursday group on Flickr.