On the heels of my last post, I have another wip to show off. But this one takes precedence over the rest of the list. Can you guess why?

Baby Booty

We’re going to a bris next week! I had lost all track of time and had not even begun baby gifts. Fortunately, I had this beautiful ball of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Whitewater sitting in my stash for just such an occasion. I found this pattern through Knitting Pattern Central‘s directory. The mock cable seems to be a bit much for the colorful yarn, so I’ll probably go with one of the other seemless booty patterns listed there, but that’s okay because with the top edge curling like that, I’ll want to redo this anyways. (Hey, it’s a pretty darned nice job of it, considering I’m wearing a splint.)

I’m quite looking forward to the bris. That may sound weird if you’ve never been to one. You may envision a crowd of people standing around to watch a little snip-snip, but it’s so much more than that. It will be an exciting evening of laughter, speeches, song and dance, and of course of meeting the new little one.

Ah, babies are everywhere these days. While I was out yesterday, I encountered so many women pregnant or schlepping their children around (or both).  It was both refreshing and a disturbing little reminder that I have not yet joined those ranks. My mother had three children in school by the time she was my age! Of course, she had three marriages and two divorces under her belt too. She worked hard and did the best that she could, but I’ve always told myself that I was not going to follow that path; First education, then career, love, and finally family (chronologically). But, in this odd place between education and career, where love seeps in, images of what my life could have been abound and for just one moment, just one, I wish I were that pregnant woman, waddling through the craft store, searching for the perfect fabric for the nursery. Then I have to remind myself that that me is a long way off and for good reason. Until then, I should adopt a puppy and knit wonderful booties for the babies in my life. (The puppy will be coming by the end of the summer, fingers crossed!)

To you, my dear readers (more seem to be visiting each day!), I wish you (pick all that apply):

Happy Summer! Happy Friday! Happy Shabbat!  Happy Weekend!