When I added myself to the Free Fabric Friday drawing over at Sew, Mama Sew the blog, an email from Kristen asking me to pick out two fabrics from Heather Ross’ West Hill collection was the last thing I expected. Which makes finding this nifty little package in my mailbox on Saturday all the more enjoyable:

Free Fabric Friday
Matrioshki on beige and adorable tadpoles

My entire weekend was wonderful like this. We slept in, walked around the market, made a quick trip to the library, and even caught a few garage sales. And, oh do I have a treat for Thursday! I can’t wait to share my latest find.

I also have a finished object (*gasp*):

Baby sock and kippah

We went over last night to meet Baby Boy and these items were gifted. The booties ended up being simple toe-up baby socks with picot edging, sans pattern. Here is also a tiny kippah for Baby to wear during the ceremony. It is crocheted from a basic Star of David pattern. I am happy to add that the family is doing well and Baby is absolutely gorgeous, tiny, and sweet.