This is Esther Epsilon (and me):

Estie and Mum

I had wanted a Boston Terrier for a few years and had made myself a promise to adopt one by the end of 2007. We made it with just hours to spare. Esther came home on December 30th. She was my Hanukkah/New Years gift from Boy. (He’s the best!) She was born on October 5th, so she’s nearly four months old now. At her visit to the vet yesterday, she weighed 7.3lbs and we expect her to be about 15lbs when she is full grown.

Esther is very smart and energetic and she loves to cuddle. Oh, she has a yarn and fabric fetish just like Mommy; only she has quite a different idea about what to do with that yarn and fabric! Perhaps annoyingly, we refer to each other as “mommy” and “daddy” now, but it does feel a bit like being new parents. I’m told raising a puppy is a lot more difficult than raising a baby.

That’s the exciting news this year. I can’t imagine life without her now.