Did I mention that my little pester had a yarn fetish? Well, this is an example of a Post-Estherized skein of yarn:

What a mess

The yarn is Bluebell Sock Yarn from Crazy 4 Dyeing. It was included in a wonderful package sent to me by Carmell for the Knitter’s Coffee Swap.

We all know how much I love books. I never thought I could love them more until I realized this use. Grab a small hardcover book and tuck one end of a tangled skein of yarn inside. Wrap the yarn around the book as you make your way through the maze of thread. When you’re finished you can wind the ball straight off the book. Bonus: Here’s a great video-tutorial on how to wind a center-pull ball by hand (from knittinghelp.com).

Good Friday/Weekend/Shabbos!