Friends of the Library Sale Spring '08

1. The day’s treasures, 2. Russian Children’s Stories “Skazki”, 3. Russian Folk Tales, 4. Alice’s Adventures, 5. Little Helper, 6. 1940’s Hairstyles, 7. Sewing Made Easy, 8. Embroidery: A handbook, 9. Vonnegut

These are the latest additions to my little library, purchased from the semi-annual Friends of the Seattle Public Library Booksale. Most of the books that I brought home were Russian children’s books. (Even those are a reach for my limited vocabulary.) I love Russian fairy and folk tales! I also found some great craft books and a few math books. I didn’t have time to rummage through the fiction sections much, but Breakfast of Champions did find its way into my box somehow.

Also, you see a few of my finds at the rummage sale that was set up next to the book sale; a yellow checked tablecloth, cute little yellow footstool, a red glass vase, and super-cute red carafe. [My absolute favorite colors lately are yellow paired with grey (thanks, Amy Butler!) and red with teal.]

A nice day of garage-sales, a little flea market, and cupcakes was had as well. And the sun shone in an uncharacteristically Spring fashion. It was good.