Okay, I said that the matza cover was coming next, unfortunately Esther decided to take an interest in it and you can guess how that turned out. In lieu of the cover, I’ve brought my afikoman bag for show and tell today.

The afikoman is a piece of matza that is broken off during the seder and then hidden, usually wrapped in a napkin or bag. The children at the seder are then charged with finding it. Of course, whoever finds it first wins the game.

During this part of the seder, I always have this image of the broken matza sneaking around incognito. (Yes, I’m silly. Especially after you get a few glasses of wine into me.) So I made this bag with interchangeable eyes, hair, noses, mouths, etc. It’s made from a simple square pouch, lined. The matza body is a piece of tan felt and the features all have a small piece of the hook side of no-sew velcro attached. Cute, no?

Miss Matza Head Mr Matza Head