It’s June! Somebody should tell Sun, because I think she forgot about us up here in the Pacific NW. We’re not expecting anything but rain and clouds for at least another two weeks. Hey, Rain, I like you. I do. But it’s time to take a break and let Sun shine for a while. We could all use it around here.

Despite the rain, last weekend we were able to walk down the trail with Esther. Here’s who we met along the way:

Duck, duck, Goose!

Oh, lots of other things have been happening around here this past month. (And I’ll post it in bullet form.)

  • I had my first blog meet up with Chara Michele for one. We had coffee and talked and she was lovely.
  • Last weekend me and two of my girlfriends went to see Sex and the City. It was like meeting old friends again. At first everything seems completely different, but then as you talk with them more, you realize that nothing has really changed.
  • I turned 27. The big day was celebrated by dinner with the two aforementioned girlfriends followed the next night by dinner with the Boy.
  • My garden is growing! This year, instead of planting seeds, we planted starters. Thus, we have a steady supply of basil, sage, and thyme. And we actually had parsley from last year. Nobody was kidding when they told me to set the parsley aside and neglect it, because it was full and lush when I went to clear the planters for this year’s seedlings.

I have another post brewing fairly quickly here, but I felt the need to give an update beforehand. If you’re in a part of the country that is in the midst of a heat wave, please send me some love as I shiver here in the cold.