I wanted to welcome readers from JudaicaJournal, where my afikomen bag has been so kindly featured today. Thanks, Dr. Mom!

I also want to offer a hat-tip to Rebecca who sent me a copy of the book How to Read and Why in connection with her reading challenge by the same name. It is a great book and an exciting challenge. In the future, once my eyes are better (see below), I will be posting my own progress as I read through the selections discussed in the book.

Also, I’d like to welcome my friend Anna to blogland. Anna takes a great picture, knits a great sock, and never ceases to amuse me.

My apologies for being such a poor blogger. I don’t recall how much, if any, of this that I’ve shared here. For the better part of a year, I have been dealing with some eye-health issues. As of yet they have not been able pinpoint what exactly is causing the trouble and the treatments have not helped. What this means is that much of the time I am unable to craft or read or do anything that involves, you know, actually seeing. So, please bear with me while I heal, because I have many a posts and projects to share yet.

To end on a fun note, Chara Michele is organizing an informal meetup of Seattle-area craft bloggers. It will be held on Saturday, September 6th at 2pm Victor’s Coffee in Redmond. Space is limited, so email Chara at chara@charamichele.com if you would like to rsvp or need more information.