The view from the top
This is the view out of one of our master windows. I love all of the angles.

I can’t believe that we’ve been here for two weeks already. Things have been quite hectic between the move, the unpacking, and another unfortunate episode with my eye condition. My days have been busy and full and the new place is starting to feel like a home. I’ve spent most of the time unpacking, organizing, and cleaning, but I have So Many sewing/painting/building projects to do. If I didn’t enjoy these things so much, then it would definitely be overwhelming.

Something the mister and I are looking forward to is our housewarming party. When we first began discussing the idea, we expected it to be a nice small gathering, festive and fun, but nothing major. Then we started compiling the guest list. Oy, I had no idea that we even had as many friends as we do! So, our quiet little dinner party has morphed into a cocktial party. (If you’re expecting an invitation, they will be emailed sometime in the next week.)

Naturally, we want our home to look more pulled together before the party. That puts a little bit of pressure on me to get projects finished, which is both good and bad. Deadlines are a good way to get things done, but I had hoped to take my time on some of the projects, especially with the buying of furniture and artwork. Of course, realistically speaking, by the time of the party our main living space will look nice, while the bedrooms and studio will be total messes.

Ah, the joys of owning our own home! I’ll try to update on progress as I go along, but you probably know by now that I’m awful at keeping updated.

Good Shabbos! Happy Friday!