Chutzpah has gotten me pretty far in my crafty endeavors. For the most part it is a good thing, but you know what they say about having too much of a good thing. On occasion, it’s possible that maybe I had a little bit too much chutzpah and headed into a project feeling a little bit too sure of myself and that might have led to a disastrous outcome.

Case in point:

The Wall Spludge

In the weeks before the mister and I closed on our new place, all I could think about was how wonderful it would be to paint every surface within reach. (The Mister refers to this as my ‘rebellion against apartment dwelling’. ) I had such high hopes for this accent wall. I had seen something similar on one of the design blogs (I can’t find the link now) and I thought it was so perfect for this wall. The white lines complement the white trim and woodwork in the room so well.

The plan was for me to go in the Friday after closing and get the painting finished so that we could move in on Saturday. We bought the paint and impatiently awaited closing. The first snag in the plan was caused by my eye condition. I spent the two or so weeks surrounding the move with a flare up and unable to do anything productive. After an intensive medication routine, I was finally able to start on the project, probably two weeks or so after we moved. I happily started putting painter’s tape up where I wanted the design to be. And then I took it all down and restarted because the tape had gone wonky. Finally, at the beginning of February, I was able to put the paint up. This was a very happy day for me, but the next day, taking the tape down, was a total bummer. Painter’s tape is great, but it doesn’t do well on textured walls. (Textured walls, that’s a rant for another day.) See how the lines are spludged in the picture up there? Oy.

At this point my options were a) paint over the whole thing and give up on my octagonal dreams, or b) very carefully even out every line by hand. I chose b, because the whole design really does look cool. It’s taken a lot more time and it is so far from perfect, but I like my wall. Standing back, you’d hardly notice. Of course, I’ll probably repaint sooner than I had anticipated. That’s okay because the paint is darker than I had wanted it to be anyways. (Another lesson to learn: choose a paint color and then go three shades lighter.)

If I hadn’t had the chutzpah to look at something some designer did and believe that I could do it myself, then I’d have another boring wall. Maybe it was a bit too much though, and I rushed into the project thinking that I could figure it out all on my own. Ah well, lesson learned.

Happy Friday and Good Shabbos!