Thursday, I went into my local fabric shop (lfs?) in search fabric for the quilt-along. An hour and some change later, I emerged with more questions than answers. I needed to get twelve fat quarters that divided into two categories, be it dark vs. light, print vs. plain, or some other distinctions. Beyond that, I was lost. I left with twelve fabrics, but knew that the issue was yet to be settled. At home, I played around with the fabrics that I had chosen and some fabrics from my stash. It wasn’t until I sat down to start writing a post about what a pain it was to choose fabric that I realized something: I have an inordinate amount of polka dots in my stash. Eureka!

The chosen ones

And so we have polka dots and floral/scroll-y fabrics and blocks A and B complete. I’ve just begun block C and it’s definitely giving me a lot of trouble in the squaring up stage. I’m heading out now in search of some freezer paper to try Elizabeth’s trick. Wish me luck!