Several months ago, the printer aspect of our printer/scanner combo suddenly stopped working. It wouldn’t feed the paper through. It was literally two days after the warranty period ended too. The mister had a look at it, but I wouldn’t let him take it all apart because the scanner still worked and I was using that for a project.

Fast forward to this week: I’m still working on that project and finally hauled the printer up from the garage and hooked it all up. Having lived several months without a printer, having had to resort to “Honey, can you print this at work?” at least once a week, having been unable to make a very cool R2D2 dreidle for Hannukah (tsk tsk, next year), I was ready to do anything to finally fix the darn thing. So, I opened it up and prodded. Then the mister joined me in the prodding. And we shook it.

Guess what evil little culprit came falling out:

lil challa

I made this little fimo challah, hmm, right around the time our printer broke.

I’ve been keeping up with the blog pretty well for the past few weeks, but I’ll probably be out for a little while again. My little sister is visiting us next week, because she’s still too young to conjure up images of sunny beaches and foam parties for Spring Break (Thank G-d!). I’ll pop in when I can!

Good Shabbos/weekend!