Mod Sampler Quilt Blocks A through D

Here are the first four blocks piece, mostly backed with freezer paper and trimmed. There is so much red and blue that I almost wish that I had just gone with all red and blue. The mishmash is growing on me though, and I’m also too lazy to re-cut half of the blocks. I think it will look very nice once it is all finished and pieced together. I think that I’ll use linen, either natural or white, for the backing and sashing because it is on sale everywhere right now and because I love the look and feel of it.

I’ve learned two very important things in this process thusfar: Presser feet are amazing. Only in the last two years or so have I started experimenting or even paying attention to presser feet. Unless I was making a button hole or sewing a zipper, I always used the same basic foot. There are so many more feet out there and even though they can be a bit expensive, they are very very worth it. The walking foot makes sewing knits and other formerly difficult fabrics super easy. The darning foot is a must for free-motion quilting. And with this project, I’ve finally picked up the quarter inch seam foot. I have always had a really hard time keeping to a 1/4″ seam and it’s only gotten worse with my eyes. So, after finishing blocks A and B, I decided that it was time. This foot makes all your seams perfect. I definitely foresee getting a lot of use out of it. It was definitely worth the expense.

The second important technique that I learned is to use freezer paper to square up the blocks. The first blocks that I did, before the new presser foot, were just a little bit off here and there, which would have been quite obvious (to me at least) in the finished product. I haven’t yet sewn through the freezer paper, but I can already tell that it will make all the difference in the world in the finished quilt.

All in all, I’m rather happy with this project. It is varied enough to keep my interest, which is often difficult to do and leaves me with so many ufo’s. My only complaint is that it has distracted me too much from knitting and more than once I’ve skipped my knitting group because I was in the throes of quilting. That’s probably more of a compliment to the project though.

On a technical note, I’m working with my domain,, and it will be up and down for a week or so. I think at the moment it just points to In any case, for the time being, my blog will be located at Thanks for your patience.