Purple Kippah w/ shine

This is a kippah that I crocheted using Nashua Grand Opera in faded lavender. Normally I don’t go for the sparkly-bling yarn- I can be a bit of a yarn snob in that way- but when I came across this skein I knew that it had to be a kippah. For some reason, my Jewish garmets (my tallis and every kippot that I wear) are very frilly and cute, even though I really don’t dress that way typically. These are fairly easy to crochet, but if you want a pattern, check out the Passover Yarmulke pattern over at The Purl Bee.

It looks like we may have nice weather this weekend. We’re going to play as much as we can, since we have to start cleaning for Pesach come Monday.

Good Shabbos! And/or good weekend!