Yesterday, I sewed up a quick and simple skirt using Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern 2 fabrics. At the time, I was in a summery mood, dreaming about wearing my new skirt to the market. We had blue skies and warm temperatures. Yesterday, that was. Today is much cooler, wetter, and gray. Not that I don’t appreciate this weather as well, but it is such a 180 from yesterday. Ah, thus is spring in Seattle!

I'm Doing

In lieu of my summer skirt, I thought that I’d share with you a taste of what I am up to. Today, I’m working on an apron for a contest at my local fabric (and everything creative) store, more details to come next week. I also just downloaded and printed off that adorable little Sarah Golden print from Feed Your Soul project. To the right you can see my next projects creeping in, the Sew Mama Sew Spring Clean Your Sewing Room checklist and a magnetic sheet that will be handy in an upcoming meal planning center for my kitchen.

I’m feeling very productive, but now I think that I’ll curl up on the couch with a good cup of coffee and a book or three.