One of my favorite diversions is Brown Sharpie, a webcomic full of math-wit drawn by Courtney Gibbons with, you guessed it, a brown sharpie*. Three times a week, I find myself thinking, “Now that would make a great embroidery to nerdify my home.” (Yes, nerdifying my home is a goal of mine.) Yesterday, I finally set out to make one of these embroideries. I chose this Bananananana… Bread comic from February, because isn’t that perfect for a tea towel?

Brown Sharpie Banana Bread

Unfortunately, I had a difficult time transferring the image to this natural linen, despite using the sunniest window in the house as a light-source. I ended up freehanding the text and the result is… well, you can see how bad that text looks. Rather than ripping it out, I’m just going to get some white linen and re-do the whole thing. Maybe I’ll do this one next.

Thanks, Courtney, for giving me permission to copy your work and share it here!

* Well, it’s now a brown-sharpie-like tool in whichever drawing program she uses with her pen-tablet.