A few posts ago, I showed you my whiteboard with an apron sketched out on it. Well, that was an apron that I was designing to enter into a contest at my local fabrics (and everything else creative) store, Ben Franklin in Redmond. Yesterday, I finished it. Here’s the result:

Apron Contest

For the contest we were given a choice between two fat quarters that had to be used in the apron somehow. I chose this circles print from Windham Fabrics and used it for the yoke and the trim around the bottom. The other fabrics are Amy Butler, leftover from a skirt that I made a few weeks ago. The apron is lined with solids from Amy Butler as well.

I call this The Basket Apron. Can you guess why?

Apron Contest

This idea came from an old sewing book that I have from the fifties. The author describes the apron:

The apron… is usually called a ‘basket’ apron because of its carrying capacity. It is useful in the house or back yard, for small working appliances or clothespins.

I’ll probably just use it in the kitchen, but that description had me envisioning my grandmother picking up toys around the house or gathering tomatoes from her garden.

If you’re in the area, swing by Redmond Ben Franklin and vote for your favorite apron. I think that starts today.