I’ve been sitting on a few things, so I’m going to do this in one long-winded post. Bear with me.

  • First: I did not win the apron contest. (*awe*) But I did win a great consolation prize, a copy of Sew Darn Cute. (*yay!*)
  • If you’ve visited the blog, beyond your feed reader, then you may have noticed that I am now an active Tweeter. I’m @Ahavajora, of course, so head on over and add me. Direct a tweet my way and I’ll add you back.
  • I have added a new Pyrex casserole dish to my collection:
  • New Pyrex Casserole

  • I’ve been keeping a list of links. Let’s start with this adorable Smocking/Shirring tute over at Pretty Ditty.
  • Lolly Chops has a ton of free downloads, including these embroidery patterns. They also have really great recipes. A wonderful resource!
  • How wonderful is this frumpy-shirt-turned-chic-blouse at Jezze? The instructions are A+ too.
  • I have the perfect place to hang one of these kusudama, via Folding Trees.
  • The next time I head into the city, I must go over to Stitches. It looks like a very hip place.
  • Last summer, in the thick of my eye issues, I was forced to wear an ugly wide-brimmed floppy hat. It was bad. If only I’d had this tutorial from Weekend Designer for a beautiful cloche hat.
  • Do you love miniatures? Me too. Now you can make your landscape pics look like miniature villages and such with the TiltShiftMaker tool.
  • I always love it when my world of math and world of crafts collide (which is happening more often these days, it seems), so of course I enjoyed this article over at Division by Zero.
  • Finally, I was overjoyed to find some fold over elastic today at Pacific Fabrics. So of course, I had to re-visit this great video tutorial from Angry Chicken. How cute are those stick Amys?

Well, I hope that my links keep you entertained and busy. Now I’m off to get ready for the Grey’s Anatomy finale.