Today is a totally lucky day for me. I mean, aside from my wonderful little family unit and the georgous late-spring weather, we knocked two items off our home’s wishlist.


First, we picked up this gorgeous mid-century chair for $10! That included the little Ikea footstool. The previous owner made some cute little slipcovers for the cushions in the same plaid fabric as the stool, but I really like the green, even though it’s a bit faded. I’ll eventually recover the cushions and stool and also maybe refinish it, since she had (*gasp*) painted over the teak. (They really didn’t know what they had.) For now, though, I’m going to be happy with my super little find. I’ve wanted one of these chairs for so long and we sort of stumbled over it today.

Our second great find today was at Ikea. They were having their rummage sale, which amounted to nothing of note really, but we did run through the as-is section while we were there. And, to my surprise, we found the rug that I have been dreaming about for our living room since I started dreaming about our living room. It was half price because of some tear on the back, which is a) easily repaired or b) easily ignored.

We’re going to finish off this wonderful day with dinner and drinks on our balcony. Hope your weekends are going as well!