Given the name of my blog (and my Hebrew name, which means “love of rain”), it should be no surprise that I have fallen in love with Melimba & Beccabury‘s line Rainy Days and Mondays. Here are the four prints that I’ve stashed so far:


These prints are so cute and graphic and I love the colors! Instead of tucking them away on a shelf until I decide what they will become, I put a bit of it to use straight away.

Esther’s collar was getting grimy and gross, but the fastener and hardware were still in good shape. So, I took the old collar apart and remade it with the raindrop stripes fabric.

New Collar

Esther seemed pretty happy to pose, so I think she approves of her new accessory. It definitely compliments her green jacket and green leash very well. Next time I’ll get a pic of her all dolled-up.