Today marks another year of life for me, twenty-nine in total. To be honest, in the past few weeks, I haven’t been looking forward to my birthday. I didn’t think that I would be able to celebrate so soon after the split. But things have been shaping up rather nicely. Things have really been going my way.

Take my last garage sale trip with the girls, for example. I don’t think either of my shopping-mates found much, but I found treasures at nearly every single sale we went to.

More thrifty finds

  1. The metal tray and red scarf were from a little thrift shop. Had I taken a better pic, you would see that the tray says, “Let’s kaffee klatch!” This term is completely foreign to me and I am going to make a point to work it into conversation on a daily basis for the next week.
  2. The red scarf was from the same little thrift shop. I wore it the very next day as a belt over a navy dress. So beautiful!
  3. The glass dish was a bit pricier than I should have paid, but the shade of teal was too perfect for me to pass over.
  4. My favorite finds of the day were the two Pyrex refrigerator dishes. I have always wanted some of these and couldn’t believe that I had found them. When my friend pointed them out, I nearly had a hysterical fit right there. They’re refrigerator dishes and yellow and orange. Yellow! If that’s not kismet, then I don’t know what is.
  5. From the same sale, I bought the adorable little vintage alarm clock. That will come in handy after I move.
  6. Finally, there is a small geometric print. Below the figure, it says, “Created for Marilyn H. Little”. The seller didn’t know who that was and neither do I, but I’m quite curious now.

More important than these great finds, I have incredible friends and family, all of whom have stepped up to make sure that my birthday is celebrated. I’ve been taken out to eat nearly every night and am going again tonight. My parents and little siblings sent me a really sweet package in the mail, including a beautiful wooden box carved by a NW artist, a Boston Terrier necklace, and some fractal art they knew I’d enjoy. So, I feel very special and cared for, exactly how a birthday gal should.

Though I know people who are older than me think it’s obnoxious when I say this, I must admit that I feel old. I say this proudly, because it means that I have gained another year of wisdom and isn’t that what it’s all about?