The pink polka-dot galoshes sit at ready by the door. Esther’s paw towel, too. I’ve been wearing layer upon layer all week. And I have to admit that I’ve been a wee excited to wrap myself up in my favorite charcoal cashmere scarf (brought to me all the way from Scotland). I love the tights and leggings, the splashy sounds of traffic in the rain, spending evenings drinking something warm under the heat-lamps of the local coffee shop patio with my best friend. The past few weeks have been full of, as a friend would say, Jewy holidays. And tonight, I made mushroom risotto filled acorn squash. Fall has arrived in Seattle.

IMG_1700(The City Center Quilt from Cherry House’s book City Quilts, hanging in the shop now)

This is one of my favorite times of the year. What I really love about it is the excitement generated by the change. My other favorite time of year is when winter shifts to spring. (There are only two seasons in the PNW, after all.) Especially during the fall, because of the High Holy Days, these are times to reminisce and also to plan for the future.

WallingfordStepsQuilt (My first quilt pattern, The Wallingford Steps Quilt. This is the pattern I’m using in my Quilt Basics class. It’s also available free in the shop.)

Replace the galoshes with my first pair of heels, the hot chocolate with a martini, and the scarf with a little black dress, then you’d have a fair picture of how I spent my summer. I worked hard and I enjoyed life. I learned that I can be quite independent, but that it’s okay to rely a little on the company of friends. I went to my first show, because I thought the band name was cool. I also went to my first burlesque (sort of). This summer I made friends, had my heart broken (nothing comparable to the spring), took up some new hobbies, and avoided housework as much as possible. Oh, and I lost 18 pounds. It was a fantastic few months.

IMG_1691(Ugh, someday I’ll learn to take a better picture. This is my Modern Hannukah quilt.)

What will the fall bring? I’m not entirely sure, but I am hoping to focus the next few months on cranking out more quilts. Most of the quilts that I have made lately have been for the shop. One of the perks of the job is the chance to do what I love all day, but that also means that by the time I get home I don’t have much motivation to sew. That said, the past week has been full of inspiration and my head is bursting with visions of quilts. If I can get half of them made in the next few months, then I’ll have a pretty sizable collection ^_^