I love, love, love teaching. Whether it’s math, science, or sewing – I’ve taught them all – there is something really special about sharing my knowledge with others.

For several months, I have been teaching two classes as a part of an in-depth introduction to quilting. My students have been such wonderful people. Since the series runs over six weeks, we get to know each other pretty well.

Now, I am starting to add new classes to my repertoire. Last Sunday we held our first Advanced Beginning Quilting class with some of my former students and some new faces, too. Our project is Cherry House’s Sand Pebbles Quilt, which is seemingly complex, but actually rather simple and quite stunning.

One of the (many) perks of teaching all of these students is seeing how each one interprets the pattern, which fabrics they choose, and how each quilt develops its own personality.

And next month? I am so very excited to finally be teaching a free-motion class! ^_^ The project is cool in-and-of-itself and free-motion is my very favorite part of quilting. Here is a list of all of the classes that we teach, including Jera’s very first class.

A big thanks to Anna for taking pics of my class last week so that I could make a post. Isn’t she a great photographer?