My boyfriend is always chiding me about my ever growing list of things to do. Sometimes he gets brave and tries to stand between me and a new item for the list. It’s cute really, though it rarely works. How thoughtful he is that he doesn’t want my to-do list to become overwhelming, or perhaps he’s just tired of having one finished curtain hanging in our front window, while the other four lie in wait in my box of sewing projects.

Of course, at the moment, I have too many wip’s and not enough fo’s, which doesn’t particularly make great fodder for the blogging cannon (a wip in itself). Nonetheless, I’ve decided that Wednesday will become Works In Progress day in hopes that it will help keep, or revive, my interest in projects lost to the box of doom. Here it goes:

I recently stumbled upon this blog, Judaica Journal, and it had me wondering why I don’t do more Jewish crafts. So I promptly began this hamsa embroidery to be mounted on some wall in our home sometime in the future:

Hamsa Embroidery

A hamsa is a traditional symbol amongst both Jews and Arabs. It sometimes represents the hand of God and is used as a protecting talisman. Also, because it is something that Jews and Arabs share in common, it has become a symbol for peace in the Middle East. The text is the first lines of an important Jewish prayer, the Shema, in gold cotton. The design will be several shades of blue and mostly free form.

Number deux on the to-do list is to finish painting and recovering the new dining chairs, that we got for free from Craigslist. When my boyfriend first moved into the apartment, we bought the coolest table from Ikea, but skimped on the chairs. For several months we were using a combination of wood folding chairs and cheap balsa-like wood chairs that came with a table (my current desk) from Target (all for $19.99, so you can imagine the quality). So we’re very happy to have new comfy chairs, or will be, at least, once they become fo’s.

Free chair from Craigslist

They came to us a lovely reddish brown covered with creamy fleur de lis fabric and complementary stains. They are otherwise in wonderful shape. So, we bought some darker brown paint and will be using our older curtains to cover them. All in all, we’ve spent approximately $15 on a set of four dining chairs. The chairs that I was eying to buy were at the very least $50 a pop (and I probably still would have recovered them), so we saved about $185. Pretty darned good, I think. Now, if I would just finish this and the curtains, our living/dining area would look completely different.

Thus concludes Wednesday Works In Progress #1. It’s time to go sit by the pool with some lemonade.